Thursday, February 5, 2009


Today was my 1st visit to Mayfair Bodyline located in Uptown, Damansara Utama. I was greeted by lovely Ms. Barbara and she requested me to fill in this one form. all personal details was normal, then come to the part : weight. I was err...nk tipu ke takmo, nk tipu ke takmo...(when actually I have forgottten my weight coz the last time I weigh myself was like last year) I just put 67kg(mcm berat gila okayy..haha). Then it comes to a section about exercise plan: the regime,how frequent; so I just put skipping and once a week (that shows how lazy I am). then she brought me to the weighing scale and she asked,"are you really 67kg? I don't think so." I said with giggles,"I don't know actually, I just randomly put." she said,"i thought so,i don't think u reach that weight"then she weighted me,it was minus 7kg from what I expected."see,I told u."Barbara said. I just smiled thinking i'm still heavy tho. Then she calculated the FAT percentage in my body and guess what? I'm way OVER the limit that i should be having. Wth? gila byk lemak ain ni!!! tula malas lagi! -->marah diri sendiri.kalau boleh sepak diri sendiri pun dah lama buat.

actually my purpose of going there was just to use the free coupons that Ieja received but Barbara explained to me about their slimming program...(mcm biasa,mestila promote kan?) I was interested seeing all the testimonials as most of the clients shaving body figure like moi and they achieved a better body figure thru dat program. It was quite expensive(RM1000+) and I was a bit reluctant at 1st until she mentioned bout the installment program that needs me to pay only RM87.50 monthly. interesting ay? Then I asked mom whether can i take the program and she approves (see,my mom pun nk anak dia kurus, nanti takde org nk.hahhaha)

Barbara arranged for my treatment for today. I did two of the free coupons (it has 3) and 1 Chilli Slimming Treatment. The free treatments were slimming treatments also but the most interesting treatment would be the Chilli treatment. The supervisor rubbed a chilli enzyme based cream all over my body and wrapped me in the plastic wrap. mcm patung ok! Then I lied down on the Heat Blanket and she wrapped the blanket on top of me and put towel on top of it. then I asked, "would I be sweating a lot from this?"she said,"it depends.this is ur 1st time so the amount of water inside you will react to this." the 1st 10min was nothing,i just felt suffocated because the wrap was really tight around me especially my tummy. only after that i started to sweat like hell lot. even sweat was dripping from my face that was not covered in the blanket. warm gila weyy blanket tu!i just lie quietly until the lady came back."macam mana?" she asked. "woohssh, saya berpeluh sangat!" i told her. then she just smiled and tore the wrapping, asked me to put my clothes back on and go to the counter to meet Barbara.

Barbara explained to me further regarding the programme and i hv to follow a low-carb diet and she would monitor for a week first. then I asked "what if I lied on the food intake?" she said "oowhh darling, its ok if its hard for u to follow in the 1st week but just write in what u had for the day." huhu. when I looked at the plan, it's much less like what i hv everyday, wholemeal bread/yoghurt/cereal/fruits for breakfast; rice(small portion) with dishes/beehoon sup/yong tau foo for lunch and only small dish of vegie and meat /salad for dinner(cannot hv rice/bread) for dinner. she informed no snacking in between meals but if i'm hungry, just take fruits (mmg itulah cara diet yg sememangnye i already knew but nvr practised it).

Barbara gave me Mango Tea before I left and I arranged for our next appointment. i have overall 10visits to Mayfair with 4treatments each visit. so friends, if i followed the programme successfully, i'll let u guys know if the programme works or not(u girls know my figure and which part I hated the most. huhu). overall, my 1st visit to Mayfair was satisfactory. :)


  1. ain,

    ala ain kurus lah...lain lah akak nih....actually akak pon dah ter sign up satu program nih....akak pi 2 sessi jek , 3rd sessi nak gi tapi berat ternaik kena kasik kurang baru pi tmpt tu

  2. akak tau kan ain ada stubborn fat kat tempat2 tertentu nk eliminate dat one lah. huhu.

  3. tipu aa ain ko 60 kg..aku pon baru 54 kg..apekah???
    i'm supposed to be heavier than u la....

  4. hello ain, ok i tengah google pasal mayfair sbb macam berminat nak menghapuskan lemak.haha.

    ok ke service mayfair?berapa u bayar ye?hope u boleh reply asap.coz ptg ni i ada appt dgn mayfair.saja nak try tgk camne program slim diorang tu.heh.

    hope to hear from u soon!